Auditions on January 28, 2017 | 10 am onwards | Hiranandani Foundation School (old)


List of Winners

Teen Category: 15 upto 18 yrs.

Teen Winner: Kahekasha Thakur
Teen Runner: Rhea Kharge

Princess category: 18 upto 40 yrs.

Princess Winner: Sakshi Srivastav
Princess Runner: Ainie Mcgarry

Queens Category - Above 40 upto 60 yrs.

Queen winner: Kartik Chpra
Queen Runner: Geetanjali Arora

Other Categories: all ages

Ms Beautiful Hair: Shigy Sajju
Ms Photogenic: Rhea Kharge
Ms Beautiful Smile: Vaishali Kaushal
Ms Elegant: Reyanka Shetty
Ms. Intelligent: Ria Arolkar

At Powai Fest 2017, we're very happy to announce the fourth edition of a hugely popular Fashion Show Event. We invite women contestants between the ages of 16 - 60 yrs. to participate in this event.

There will be a preliminary auditioning and it is a huge high for participants to even make it through the audition – as after that, they get groomed and trained to put up a wonderfully professional fashion show on an evening attended by several residents from in and around Powai and different parts of Mumbai.

We invite you to definitely give this a shot and enjoy your moment of fame centre stage as part of Powai Fest 2017.

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Date Venue
Auditions & Eliminations 28th Jan 2017 Hiranandani Foundation School (old)
Mock trials & Grooming 29th Jan 2017 Hiranandani Foundation School (old)
Pre-finale rounds 30th Jan 2017 Poolside, Forest Club
Finals 5th Feb 2017 Festival Grounds


  • Fashion Fiesta Queen

  • Fashion Fiesta Princess

  • Miss. & Mrs. Fashion Icon

  • Miss. & Mrs.Photogenic

  • Miss. & Mrs. Elegant

  • Miss. & Mrs. Versatile

  • Miss. & Mrs. Intelligent


Judges Panel


Ms. India 2013

Simran Ahuja

Ms. Punjab, Ms. Enigmatic, Tamil and Kannada Movie Actress

Nina Singh




Ms. Photogenic Asia-International 2015

Vaishali Dake-Musale

Entry fees: Rs. 1000 per person. Open to women contestants between 16 - 60 yrs. only
Bonus for Participants: Professional portfolio at unbelievable discounts
Contact person: Vaishali Musale | 9321480063 |