December 25, 2016 | 7 am to 12 pm | Main Street

Someone said, “If you smile when you are alone, you really mean it”. The time has come when many of you will do it. The only time of the year when the whole of Powai wakes up with throbbing excitement and peeping curiosity has come again. PowaiFest has come knocking at our doors – calling for the budding dancer, singer, artist, budding chef, painter, sports person; calling for spirit of participation and learning, camaraderie and creativity. Those who missed it last year have been clamouring for it; those who did participate, have been eagerly waiting for it.

What is in store for you this year? Here is a quick peep into the first item of PowaiFest 2017 menu card.

On December 25, 2016 is the first event – Fun Street. Usually every year, this time around, in the cool December weather, the Christmas morning holiday mood will prevail on you to stay snuggled in bed even after day break. Not this year. This is the one incredible morning Powaikars get the streets all for themselves. No car drivers wishing away traffic jam and day dreaming of flying cars. No angry bikers wondering when they will wake up as Rajnikanth. No morning walkers sighing on the sidewalks looking for space to squeeze in. The Main Street is Powaikar’s own for them to segway, cycle, sketch, or skate.

This event, started by Rotary Club of Bombay Powai in 2015 as part of PowaiFest, received an unprecedented response. The quiet streets came alive with music, drum beats, and laughter. Children painted the pavements, roads and caravans. Flowers bloomed on tar roads and fishes swam gleefully on canvas. Women of all ages danced to music as though there was no tomorrow.

Fitness freaks seemed not to mind the extra calories and consumed coffee as the aroma spread around creating longing for a sip of the drink. Then those not into fitness games suddenly found themselves waking up to health foods. Huge chess boards drew the cerebral and then there were games galore for the fun-loving.

The Main Streets of Hiranandani Gardens will be buzzing with activities that stir you up from bed and stimulate your imagination. Reclaim your street with Yoga, Zumba, dance, games, food stalls, painting, kite flying, karate, street plays, flash mobs, drapes and more.

Shakespeare said, all the world is a stage and we all play our parts. Rotary Club of Bombay Powai says, all the street is a stage for game lovers, food lovers and color lovers of Mumbai.

Come, Create, Cheer, Conquer, Captivate, Connect, Celebrate