January 26, 2017 | 2:30 pm to 6 pm | Heritage Park


List of winners

Senior KG and below
  • First place: Lekhana Raghu
  • Second place: Aashaz Farhan
  • Third place: Nihavi Shah
  • Commendation: Darsh Ashar
  • Commendation: Diya Ashar
Std. 1 to 3
  • First place: Shaurya Khanna
  • Second place: Ailish Garg
  • Third place: Aarav
  • Commendation: Neev Kothari
  • Commendation: Juhan Chachra
Std. 4 to 6
  • First place: Isha Salgonkar
  • Second place: Somya Singh
  • Third place: Payoja Mitra
  • Commendation: Alena Koshy
  • Commendation: Anna Koshy
Std. 7 to 12
  • First place: Smera Shetty
  • Second place: Jaspreet K
  • Third place: Nikita Sanjay
  • Commendation: Muskan Arya
  • Commendation: Sakshi Tambe
College to 60 yrs.
  • First place: Anjali Pramod Nair
  • Second place: Vanita Dipesh Gade
  • Third place: Vedik Vasudev Dhuri
  • Commendation: Pooja Pramod Tiwari
Above 60 yrs.
  • First place: Kusum
  • Second place: Veni Menon
  • First place: Dipto
  • Second place: Salon Iqbal
  • Third place: Saili Iqbal
  • Commendation: Kiara Shah
  • Commendation: Kankashan
  • Commendation: Shahanawaz Mohd.

Note: The paintings of the contestants are kept at the Rotary stalls (Durga Pooja Grounds). You may collect them on 4th or 5th February.

Children of all ages, men, women and even senior citizens seem to be converging to Heritage Garden Lawns, Powai. Here is a repeat of the fable of Pied Piper of Hamlyn. The call of Taare Zameen Par seems to be as tantalizing as the piper’s flute, and yes, instead of the tragic Hamlyn river the kids drown in, there is the refreshing river of creativity that revitalizes them all.

Every year, since 2010, about 350 children and 200+ adults buzz into the garden to participate in Taare Zameen Par, the annual event of Rotary Club of Bombay Powai (RCBP), and register for the drawing, painting and craft competitions. Children from schools in Powai, Vikhroli, Bhandup, Ghatkopar, Marol and Andheri participate. It is heartening to see parents and grandparents sitting together, lost in creative arts, a rare sight to see today in gatherings when everyone is lost in their cell phone.

The green multi-level lawn suddenly looks as though it is full of flower- bearing plants nodding to the cool breeze, as the children in cute dresses of varied hues became a part of the landscape. The garden looks festive with balloons. Judges give a great variety of topics. The paintings and craft work that turn out are breathtaking. It has always been a tough time for them choosing winning entries.

RCBP assures you, once you experience Taare Zameen Par, you will never miss it ever again!

Categories: Drawing (Rs. 300) or Crafts (Rs. 300)
Age groups (drawing & painting): < Snr. KG., Std. 1-3, Std., 4-6, Std. 7-12, Std. 7-12, college - 35 yrs., 35-60 yrs., seniors
Contact person: Latha Vanamali | 9930963724 | latamali@gmail.com